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Welcome to the web catalogue of the Röhsska Museum. You can search the museum’s collection of artefacts, see which artists are represented in the collection and what is on display in the museum’s various galleries. The collection has around 50 000 artefacts. Only some of the artefacts are currently registered in the database. Our web catalogue presents basic information about the artefacts, such as designer, title, date and acquisition details. In some cases the artefact is presented with more detailed information about the work, exhibition history and references.

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We are continually adding more artefacts and the web catalogue will be updated with new works on an ongoing basis. All items are processed successively and information may therefore be incomplete or out of date. The information is reviewed before being published in the web catalogue, but the quality of the information may vary because cataloguing has been carried out over a long period and by many different people. Visitors are welcome to contact us if they discover incorrect or incomplete information. Our database and web catalogue have been developed and are run by eMuseumPlus ©zetcom.

The works in this database is protected by copyright and may not be reproduced without the rights holders permission. The works are presented in this database under license by BUS.

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