The Röhsska Museum has an extensive collection of about 50 000 artefacts, spanning craft, design and fashion. The collection is divided into various smaller collections, inter alia furniture, metal, industrial design, textile, costume, sketches, prints and illustrations, glass, ceramics, book bindings and the East Asian collection. The museum also holds other kinds of collections with specific items, like the Japanese woodblock print collection or the Falk Simon donation which holds an impressive collection of gold and silver artefacts. Here is an introduction to some of our collections.

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Fashion and costume collection

The Röhsska Museum's fashion collection contains garments from the 19th century to the present, and many of the foremost fashion designers of the 20th century are represented with creations of high artistic quality. The Röhsska Museum wants to work for a deepened and nuanced interest in fashion. Today, both contemporary fashion design and older garments are acquired. The museum collects both fashion costumes and accessories but also other expressions that can be linked to fashion. The museum mainly collects contemporary material that we believe will have a great impact on the development of form. At the heart of the museum's fashion collection is a donation from fashion historian Tonie Lewenhaupt, who in 1997 donated his private collection to the museum.
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