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Phnom Penh föll i morse
  • Embossment
  • Phnom Penh föll i morse
  • Lillemor Petersson (*1934)
  • Glazed faience and porcelain
  • Ödsmål 1974 - 1975
  • RKM 56-2008
  • Gift from Inger and Kelm Hjälmås
  • © Lillemor Petersson/BUS 2014
  • On display in Design History 1960 – 1980
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Lillemor Peterson's own description of the work "Phnom Penh föll i morse" (Phnom Penh fell this morning), 2008:

The year was 1975. In the spring, it was finally clear that the U.S. had lost the war in Vietnam. My daughter was in her early teens and the Vietnam War had been raging at its most, scary and brutal. My daughter was dreaming about the future in the distance - a life of peace, love in the country side with animals and crops. The relief is about black and white, hopes and dreams in a friendly world against a state of savagery, chaos, war and destruction, oppression of other young people who fought for their lives.
It was difficult to understand, then as now, that man can let power and ferocity hit so unfair and so terribly pointless.
The relief was made in conjunction with a major exhibition I would have the summer of 1975 at Höganäs Museum.
Its upper part is modeled by white faience, glazed in bright colors. The lower part is made ​​of porcelain clay, carved and treated with cobalt oxide.

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