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Exhibition history

The cupboard was originally designed as a wedding present to the royal stable master, Carl Clarence von Rosen, who married Baroness Agnes Maria von Blixen-Finecke in 1898. The décor shows their family shields and the text “Through thick and thin” are written using intarsia. Underneath there is a note in pencil: “Detta skåp är utfört av arkitekt Ferdinand Boberg, Nordiska möbleringsaktiebolaget 1909” (This cupboard made by architect Ferdinand Boberg, Nordiska möbleringsaktiebolaget 1909). However, the note indicates that this is not the original cupboard that Boberg designed for von Rosen and von Blixen-Finecke’s wedding and which was made by Max Sachs Bolag in 1900, but a later version.

As there is information that this cupboard was exhibited at the Stockholm Exhibition of 1909, there is reason to believe that Ferdinand Boberg had a version of the cupboard made by Robert Mattsson at Nordiska Möblerings AB. The reason may have been that he wanted to display it at the exhibition, but the owners could not or would not loan it out.